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Say hello to one of the most talented
groups of artists that have come together
as one family in Mobile.
Unice "Boss Ladie" Woodard  heads up
the team at Maja Leegue Records, and the
talent coming out of this deep south
coastal city is nothing short of

J.U.A. International and Circle One
Promotions is a proud member of the
Maja Leegue Records Family!!!
Maja Leegue Records  was established back in 1993 by James ‘Da Black Chinese’ Reed and Tavaris ‘CLC’ Reed in Whistler, AL.
Under the supervision of the two, Maja Leegue was one of the prominent labels of Mobile, AL with two production teams, MadMan
Productions and Full Nelson Productions.  The label has come under new management as of 2011 naming Unice “Boss Ladie”
Woodard as CEO, and Angela Brandon as President. Under their leadership Maja Leegue Records LLC was named Urban Vision’s
Label of the year, Unice was named CEO/Manager of the year, and one of their artists was named HipHop Artist of the year, all for
2013. They also brought to the label five 1st place trophies in the Florida vs. Bama Showcase in 2013. They’ve had three successful
club takeovers where nothing but Maja Leegue artists performs, and recently they’ve opened up for Rich Boy. They’ve traveled a lot
this year to Atlanta and South Carolina to perform.

They are no doubt the hardest working label in the city of Mobile, AL and their motto speaks for itself,
“We’re not just a label, we’re a family”.